Heap spray generator

This page can help you generate a small piece of JavaScript that performs a heapspray. The heap spray uses the provided target address as the value to spray the heap with (eg. 0x01020304 means spray with "04 03 02 01 04 03 02 01 etc...". You can choose which browser you are targeting, which is needed to determines the size of the header for heap blocks (you can also manually enter this size). Finally you can provide a shellcode to put at the end of each nopslide. The default shellcode is one that executes calc.exe.
(hex byte values)
Use 7 bit encoding (with decoder).
Use 16 bit ("\uXXXX") encoding.
Target address:
Block size:
(in multiples of 0x10000 bytes)
Microsoft Internet Explorer (heap header size = 0x24).
Google Chrome / Chromium (heap header size = 0x10C).
Mozilla Firefox (heap header size = 0).
Other, heap header size =

Generated heap spray:
Notes: (None)