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Berend-Jan "SkyLined" Wever is a software security engineer (aka a hacker) from the Netherlands. He is the author of a number of exploits for various security vulnerabilities in various applications on various platforms. This includes the Internet Exploiter series, which introduced heap-spraying for web-browsers. Heap spraying is now used in the mayority of exploits for low-level bugs in web-browsers (as of August 2008). In early 2006, shortly after releasing these exploits, he was hired by Microsoft and moved to Cheltenham in the United Kingdom to join the Secure Windows Initiative team and worked on Internet Explorer and Windows Vista security.

In early 2008, he left Microsoft to work for Google on Google Chrome Security. Since then he has been living in Delft, The Netherlands with his girlfriend Julia. They are getting married in June of this year.

SkyLined is also the developer of ALPHA2, a alphanumeric shellcode encoder which laid the foundation for many similar encoders.


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